Awarded by SaraG and Leedra

0 comments Saturday, September 27, 2008
This was given to me by both SaraG at Photogablog and Leedra at Photography by Leedra. SaraG blogs about her life with lots of great pictures. Leedra has some truely amazing photography mainly nature and wildlife. Thank you both very much.

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Awarded by Louise

0 comments Friday, September 26, 2008
This was given to me by Louise at Potted Frog. What can I say she is an amazing blogger. I think she can juggle 50 things at once. Thank you Louise.

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Awarded by Leora

This award comes from Leora at Here in HP and again I am very honored to receive this from someone who's blog is outstanding. Her writings are wonderful and her images only enforce her creativity. Thank you Leora, very much.
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Awarded by Fishing Guy

This was my first blog award and it came from The Fishing Guy, who has inspired me and helped me to be a better blogger. We met through his and my fishing sites and because of him I ended up doing a photography site. Thank you Fishing Guy very much this means a lot to me.

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Awarded by The Tile lady

I would like to thank The Tile Lady for this wonderful award. She has a wonderful blog called A Colorful World where she blog about family, places and life in general with great pictures.
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